Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mindfulness for High School...Introductory Class on October 4 at 7 pm


High School…..it has the potential to be exciting and rewarding with the possibilities to engage in new ideas, meet new people, and gain more independence.   But for many of us, for too many moments, what we feel is stress or anxiety.  Challenges or setbacks occur for all of us, but sometimes the mind gets stuck on all the negative things that might happen.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
The good news is that we can all learn skills to have our minds work for us, as an ally, rather than against us. 

Mindfulness – paying attention to what is happening in our minds and bodies in each present moment – can help us to develop those skills.   With practice, we can all learn how to notice early warning signals of troubling emotions and how to best work with them.  We can develop the tools to feel more relaxed, calm, balanced and happy.
This introductory course to Mindfulness for Teens will offer guidance on two foundational practices of mindfulness – the body scan and breath awareness – and will explore how to apply these exercises to the normal challenges of daily life.  Participants will learn techniques to help with stress and generate a more confident calm. 

Mindfulness for Teens will meet on Tuesday, October 4, at 7 pm at the Westborough Library.  There is no charge.   If participants are interested to continue to meet, additional sessions at the Library will be set.  Sign up: https://goo.gl/forms/4l0enUHCwjL09br92

Greg Topakian, Ph.D., is a Westborough resident and a long time educator.  He taught in high school for over ten years, where he introduced dozens of students to mindfulness and yoga.   He now teaches mindfulness to employees of local colleges, town governments, and corporations across the state.  Last Fall and Spring, he offered multi-week Introduction to Mindfulness courses for adults at the Library.