Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wow! We are Busy!

Hey everyone,
Wow is October going to be a busy time at the Library Teen Zone. (By the way...that’s the winning name that you all voted for!) Starting tomorrow we have the literary passport challenge. It runs from October 1 through October 24. The teen that earns the most points wins a DD gift card. All teens who participate will be entered to win a gift card to the store of the winner’s choosing. More information can be found on the library website on the Teen page.
We will be starting two teen book clubs in October. The Random Reads club meets once a month. There’s no need to read a specific book for this group, though, so just come to talk about books you’ve loved (or hated) and hear from your friends about books you might like. We’ll have snacks at this one too!  The first meeting is Wednesday, October 14 at 6:45 pm. Sign up and let me know your favorite snack.
The other book club is called the Fiction Fight Club. Form a team of friends who love to read and who love to compete. Teams must have at least three members and no more than six. On October 20, I will release the official book list with book titles and authors that must be read. Teams can decide which members read which books. Then on May 21 teams will compete in an All Day Book Battle featuring different mental and physical challenges related to the required books. The once a month meetings are optional and provide team members a chance to prepare for the Battle. Sign your team up online:
October 18 is Sundae Sunday- free ice cream sundaes for everyone. But also, we will have a showcase and sampling of food from around the literary world. I need your help. Please consider making a dessert that ties into your favorite young adult book.  For example rainbow cupcakes for the Wizard of Oz or Honey-cakes from the Hobbit. It doesn’t have to be a food actually mentioned in the book but something that you think a character would like. I really need volunteers to help with this- don’t forget you’ll get volunteer service hours. And...we will have the Patriot game on so you won’t miss a minute of Tom Brady and Gronk!!! Sign up today:
October 18-24 is Teen Read Week.  We have a Get Away @ Your Library Challenge that runs from October 1 through October 24. The Passport Challenge will be available starting October 1. Come into the library and pick up your passport and start earning points. The challenge will last until October 24 and a prize will be awarded to the teen who collects the most points. Click here for more information about this fun activity. You may also print out your own passport here.
October 19 learn about about alternative medicines- acupuncture and Reiki. The night will feature a presentation and demonstration- you won’t want to miss it. October 21 is Movie & Munchie afternoon. You can go to the library website and vote for the movie you most want to see. Right now Ghostbusters is in the lead. Vote today and plan on coming for a fun afternoon.
PLEASE consider signing up for Remind. Especially those of you who don’t read your emails. It allows me to send reminders of upcoming events and teen news to your email or your phone. Sign up today: Also be sure to check out the Teen Zone Instagram account: wpl_youngadults

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fiction Fight Club....What's That???

The Fiction Fight Club is for teens who love to read and who love to compete.Open to students in grades 6-12. Form a team of friends and sign up today. Teams must have at least 3 members and no more than 6. The official start date is October 20. The official book list with titles and authors will be released on this date. Make sure to save the date of the All-Day Book Battle....May 21. It's going to be EPIC!!!    Sign up here!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Another Busy Week

Another busy week ahead in the Teen Zone!
Volunteens: For teens who want to volunteer to work with the various children's programs, remember you must attend a training session. This week there are 2 sessions offered, Monday at 3:30 and Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Sign up
   or drop in or contact Jen McGrath to set up a time that works better for you.

Wednesday is Movie and Munchies at 3:30. You voted and Harry Potter is the winning movie. We have chairs but feel free to bring pillows or blankets, You do not have to sign up but if you do you can vote for your favorite munchies!!

Thursday is the kickoff meeting for the Fiction Fight Club. This is a very different type of book club. You'll form a team, get a list of books to read and then practice to be better than all the other teams at the end of year Battle in MAY. It promises to be a lot of fun- especially if a lot of teens join up. The more the merrier! This is a low commitment book club- the monthly meetings are optional as long as you meet with your team to be prepared for May. Join us on Thursday at 3:30.

Weekly Trivia Quiz is a new feature. Each week I will post a weekly quiz created by a teen volunteer here and on the Teen Facebook page. The first five teens with all the correct answers will complete a box on their Teen Reward Card. Remember 20 completed boxes earns you and 2 friends an invitation for pizza and ice cream. Quiz answers can be emailed to or drop in the library and bring them to the Teen Zone.
Here is this week's quiz:

  1. What is the Name of the first book ever printed?                               
  2. What is the total number of books in the world according to Google in 2010?                                 
  3. Who is the richest fictional writer?                                                   
  4. A window cleaner cleaning a window in 25th floor of a skyscraper and he falls. He didn’t have any safety equipment but still he doesn't get hurt, how?

    5.  Which president’s  birthday is in this month?                       
 (Did you know there is a Facebook page just for Westborough teens? Check it out:

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

6-8 Grade TAB Meeting

Tomorrow (Thursday) the 6-8 grade TAB will be meeting in the library. Join us for some games, some brainstorming and of course...some snacks!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Busy Week Ahead...Something For Everyone

This is going to be a very busy week at the library- lots of teen events. On Monday, join us for a fun Trivia Bee at 3 pm. As always, there will be snacks.

On Thursday at 3:15 PM, the library will be hosting a kickoff meeting for the 6-8th grade TAB (Teen Advisory Board.) Help plan your kind of library programs. Choose the books and movies you’d  like to see in the collection.  Earn hours for community service. And of course, there will always be delicious snacks.

On Friday at 3:30 PM, help us plan for our Haunted Library to take place in October. The Haunted Library is sure to be a huge hit but it's going to take your ideas and your help to make it work.

On Saturday at 2:30 PM, attend a VolunTeen training session. For those teens who want to volunteer to be a Teen Leader Reader or Saturday Crafter, you must attend a one hour training session. Sign up for the session that works the best for you.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Preview of the Year Ahead...Check It Out!

Wow! Wait to you see all the great things that have been planned for this upcoming year AND there's still room for more! We want to offer programs that interest YOU but in order to do that, YOU need to tell us what YOU'd like to see. In the meantime, checkout the calendar of events that are in the works.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Monthly Movies

The library will be showing movies for teens and tweens every month. Most months we will show an afternoon movie called, "Movie & Munchies" and an evening movie called, "Dessert and a Movie" for High School students only. Help us choose the movies you want to see by voting for your movie choice. Voting can be found on this blog and on the library website's Teen Page.

Trivia Bee

Beat the Back to School Blues with a Teen Trivia Bee on September 14 at 3 pm. Bring some friends, enjoy some snacks and compete for bragging rights. Use this link to sign up.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Beat the Back to School Blues

The start of the school year doesn't mean an end to great programs for teens at the library. In fact, it's the beginning of a whole new era. There will be monthly movies and book club meetings, craft afternoons and fun programs for all students in grades 6 through 12. September 14 you are invited to Beat the Back to School Blues with a trivia bee at 3 pm in the library meeting room. Sign up now and save your spot. As always, snacks will be provided!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome to a New Year

In case you haven't noticed, the Young Adult room has been undergoing many changes.  Make sure to come in and check out the white board and leave a message. The name of the room will be changing from Young Adult to...... well, whatever you, the teens vote for. Right now the top contenders are Teen Zone, TeenScape, Teen Central and Teen Nook. If you haven't voted- it's not too late. Here is the link:Rename the Young Adult Room

Look for more changes in the very near future....bean bag chairs are on order and we are collecting board games to be used by you!